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Default Re: Update on the guy who sabotaged my van

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
He's wasn't a doofus, but how smart can you be jumping wakes in 50 degree water? I don't think this was staged. He just got out of jail not too long ago. He could have left the country. It's a pretty problematic way to fake a death, making that kind of a spectacle and all. Fifty degree water is unforgiving. He would have to have some sort of underwater escape means nearby, along with a scuba tank, and how do you stay warm?. That's the kind of stuff you see in the movies. And the tugboat wake had to be a random incident. It just doesn't seem probable at all. Too many things to go wrong, too many witnesses, with seriously dangerous conditions.

I can think of many safer ways to fake one's death.
Time to move on then Larry :)
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