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Default Re: I bought the Pork Pie Throne but not super happy

Originally Posted by kristy View Post
Just noticed this thread. How do you know what height bobafettdrumcorp is? Could he be like me and be height impared(I am only 5 ft 2 in).
If you're 5'2" and have a typical height ratio, then from your foot to your knee should be somewhere around 18" (give or take a couple). That number is also your ideal throne height for maximum comfort and playability. Maybe add a couple inches, but subtracting any height would likely affect playability for most people. Now, I was not able to find Pork Pie's height specs. Roc n Soc standard spindles and Nitro thrones are 18"-24", but I would wager to guess that Pork Pies aren't much different.

I'm 5'11". My throne sits at about 21"-23" depending on the situation, and that's about where it should be for best efficiency. Just the same, somebody who is about 6'3" would likely find their ideal height maxing out the throne, and may even want a couple more inches for ideal comfort. So it can be assumed that the standard 18"-24" should work for most people between 5'2" and 6'2", but that's just on paper.

All of this is solely based on normalities and rough calculations, though. That's not to say that sitting lower or higher doesn't always work better for some people. You may benefit more from the shorter model, as it bottoms out at 16", and it sounds as though the lower heights are more comfortable for you. My statement was just based off of typical heights and what works best for the average person. If somebody is the type of person who is most comfortable sitting really low, then more power to that person.
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