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Default Re: I bought the Pork Pie Throne but not super happy

Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
Is it a spindle throne or a hydraulic?

I think a user on here named Bo got the threaded pole shortened.
Negative - I never had a threaded pole shortened. And besides, shortening the threaded pole won't help you if the frame of the throne itself doesn't let it go any farther down.

I admit this is an anomaly to me, as I stand 5' 1" and I can't handle thrones at their lowest setting. In fact, the last time I was forced to play on a throne that was too low (and I couldn't adjust it), it gave me serious leg and back pain that earned a visit with my chiropractor.

Just return it. I think Drum Workshop makes a throne that goes a bit lower. But I'm sure it'll cost more, but it'll be worth it. Most regular spindle thrones seem about the same height across the board, so you need to search one that goes lower, and thye'll be marketed that way. Good luck on your quest!
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