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Alright ppl, im new to the post so wut up.... in just gonna dive right into it. MP+DT i could not think of a better match, the guy can play in the sense that he connects with the music around him and knows how to enhance it. needless to say the chemistry that one cant help but notice... as to compare with any heavier bands and drummers, i wouldnt. since from my point of view what matters most is how you can complement the music and make it hole and portnoy's abilities do just that.

Personally DT was the door that introduced me to this world of complex technicalities and musical ingenuity in which portnoy forms a great part of. i admit that at first i thought he was the best thing in town!!! but that was cuz like i said i didnt know better, now that does not mean that im beginning to see his flaws, its just a process of education and evolution, and thats the beauty of it all.

To say that in some cases DT is a rip off, pretty much deminishes the idea of musical influence... portnoy's said many times how Peart was one of his greatest influences that does not make him a copy cat, sh.. portnoy's one of my biggest influences and ive used many of his concepts to broaden my abilities as a drummer... besides we see how many of the new styles of music that come out have a clear similarity to a style that already exist... its called evolution ppl. its a matter of taste i think. of course there are faster, smoother, or just plain sick drummers out there but what portnoy does is all in context of the music.
So.. anyways thats just my opinion right??lol
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