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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Then go look at the example song list provided when you buy an e-bow and notice that... hell... that song is on there!

Then also go read the thousands of man-hours of fans trying to find that very lady shaving device, with no success.

Then imagine Adam Jones laughing his head off...

Works for me.
I don't have any reason to believe that he would lie about something like that just for laughs. I can imagine getting some pretty neat sounds out of those shaver things. I think that e-bows and accesories of that sort are pretty obscure and commercial. Why give away your money to some guy when you could be having fun with your own household products?

While that was all a bit off topic... I think that one of my favorite danny carey things are his hi hat grooves like the ones on sober and that very short one in eulogy. Speaking of sober..I don't know if there is a fill that could sound any smoother than his intro into that song.
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