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Default What heads have you tried on your Sonor Designers / Delites / Maple light shells?

Just bought a Sonor Designer and the stock heads are utter rubbish on the deep floor toms and just about OK on the 8, 10 and 12. I haven't measured the depth of the 10 & 12 yet, but they are very shallow. Look to be shallower than standard! I have snares deeper than these!

Anyway, IF you have owned / own a Sonor Designer or similar SONOR light maple shell, please let me know what head combos you have tried and what you found. It would be most helpful as I have 8 shells and cant afford to try lots of options. I was however, thinking of just picking one rack tom and one floor and trying different combos on those two drums and then fitting out the whole kit.

I see a lot of people like the Evans Chrome heads, and some like the Attack heads.

I play rock and am not into boppy bright round sounds. I like bite/attack and a deep tone, however as these shells are so good, Id like to try something a bit more 'representative' / complimentary perhaps than the pinstripes Im used to.

Thanks in advance!
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