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Default Re: Carmichael throne came in!

Originally Posted by RcKDrUmm3R View Post
I bought the Carmichael throne hoping it would relieve my mid back pain while playing and I was completely wrong. The throne is good but for me personally, I don't think it was worth the hefty price I paid for it.
Yeah, no claims made by CARMICHAEL as to the seat curing back pain, but it does give the base of the spine somewhere to go thus alleviating disk compression.

Im still 100% impressed with my CARMICHAEL top, it out performs ANY throne I've sat on to date, which is saying a lot. After using it for months now I can attest to my playing and posture moving up on the improvement curve, wasn't getting that on traditional seating.

I never come off the CARMICHAEL feeling sore, bent or whacked, I actually come off feeling good (and sometimes (short one set gigs), feeling better) that's worth any price to me.
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