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Originally Posted by ClockworkOrange
You will note the Roger's Swivo holder? This is the 12x15. There was also a 12x14, you can see this drum as mounted on a snare stand, in various pics.
Appice's bass drums were 15x26s, not 14x26s, which were a requested size, so, if Bonham received an identical kit to appice, his bass drums would have been 15x26 on one of the maple configurations.
The green sparkle was 10x14
The amber was 10x14
The stainless was 12x15, until the latter dates when he went back to a 10x14 stainless tom.

At the time of his death, Bonham had a 14x24 bass drum on order from ludwig.

we already settled this...its not a 15 inch tom....i posted proof from a ludwig manager himself:

Ludwig, Finish-Thermo-Gloss Natural Maple
14"x26" x2 Bass Drums-model #-926L
Cymbal Mounts-model #-1372C
Bass drum spurs were 2 sets of Ludwig Disappearing spurs-model #-1303C on each drum.
12"x14" Tom-Custom Order**
16"x16" Floor Tom-model # 950L
16"x18" Floor Tom-model # 952L (this was added later on)
6.5"x14" Chrome Supra-Phonic Snare Drum-model # 402

He also used a pair of conga drums.

**For years I thought his tom was a 12"x15" but Todd Trent from Ludwig told me it was 12"x14" not a 12"x15" (Thanks Todd!)
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