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Default Re: Evans new Heavyweight snare head.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I just put one on a 6" Supra, and it sound very much like my favorite Super Tough batter. The reverse dot helps accentuates the harmonics for a surprisingly lively sound, and the response is pretty normal for a 'thick' head. It wouldn't be suited for orchestral or very delicate work, although I was getting some lovely closed rolls from it the other day! (Hear it on Al's new polka medley - due someday soon - which starts and ends with the rolls!)

I look forward to trying it on tour on my Black Beauty.

I think i am going to go to guitar center within the next few days to see if they have one, because im afraid that at my next show the snare head might break. That would be embarrassing if i didnt have another one on hand.
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