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Default Re: Flat leg stands vs regular pros and cons?

Originally Posted by Elite Drummer View Post
Hi, I was deciding between cymbal stands that have the flat legs and then the regular legs.
What are the pros and cons? Keep in mind I am trying to fit as much as I can and I am trying to conserve space! Thank you
Many folks like the flat-base stands to go with vintage sets, to keep a classic vibe and look. Not all flat-based stands have features that allow legs to position over each other, though, which can impact footprint of the kit. Also, flat base stands can be less suitable for heavier toms and cymbals on booms.

The tradeoff for tripod stands is weight. They are typically heavier. But you also gain stability with that weight. They don't tend to take up much more space than flat-based stands in terms of square footage.

Racks are a heavier but often more space-conscious option, especially the Gibraltar Stealth side racks.
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