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Default Re: Carmichael CT-200 drum throne anyone?

Originally Posted by RcKDrUmm3R View Post
I purchased the carmichael drum throne hoping to have it help or relieve my mid back pain. I'm sorry to say that I've been playing on this for a couple months now and I don't notice or feel any sort of relief. For me personally, I don't feel the price was worth it.
You're repeating yourself. You just posted in another thread...

1) Did you see a doctor? If so, what's actually causing your back pain?
2) The Carmichael is easily among the best thrones out there. What if it's not the throne but something else? See 1) - address your problems _physically_ - provided this is possible, instead of blaming the throne.

If it can be helped physically - I'd suggest strengthening your core muscles. And maybe checking your posture. And keep the Carmichael for some more time as it might not be the culprit.

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