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Default Re: Looking for a longer stick.

There's also the Vater Stretch 7a, a bit thinner than the Promark but it's over 16". I'm sure there are other models out there too.

Edit: Looking through Regal Tip and Vic Firth's charts, there are a couple of models over 16" and around the same diameter as the Promark 747 (which is .551):
(sorted by diameter)
VF Extreme 8D: 0.540" d, 16.5" l
RT Chester Thompson: 0.550" d, 17" l
VF Stanton Moore and Terry Bozzio: 0.550" d, 16.25" l
RT Anarchy X: 0.555" d, 16.5" l
VF Zoro: 0.555" d, 16.375" l (i used to play these. loved 'em.)

All have wood tips, though of course taper & tip shape vary between them. Hopefully that helps.
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