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Default Gator/Protechtor case warning

Hey all!

I know after my Gator case debacle a couple of years ago (the foam did something to cause rusting on a stored drum) turned me off of Gator for all time, but just recently I was shopping for new cases for my Pearl kit, and noticed that MusiciansFriend had no-foam Protechtor cases at a really good price. I guess they're affiliated with Gator, but without foam, I figure they should be safe because the roto-molded plastic is good. I love them on my Humes&Berg Enduro cases, and I even have a Protechtor case for my 14x24 bass drum which works out great - letting me think getting more shouldn't be a problem.

So I happily order a 8x10, 14x14, and 16x16 Protechtor Cases and get them, only to find out that they don't really fit! The floor tom cases can take drums of those sizes provided the leg brackets have wingnuts that protude from the side (like Ludwig). Pearl's leg brackets have wing nuts that extend out on top (like DW and others). The 8x10 case cannot accommodate a drum with a suspension mount without bending wider.

So my recommendation, if you have drums like my Pearls, avoid the Protechtor cases. They won't fit. If you have Ludwigs, you're good!

Fortunately, MusiciansFriend, upon getting my call, were very happy to give me a refund, and pay to get them shipped back. Very nice of them. I just have to find a box that's 20" cubed since I already trashed the boxes weeks ago (they were bought before I received the drums). I guess I stick with Humes&Berg!
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