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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

Originally Posted by savudin View Post
Hi everyone, I have one question. Today I have received by mail brand new 22" EMAD2 clear head bought from authorized Evans dealer here in Serbia. One thing bothers me: there is absolutely NO Evans logo or mark of any kind on the head itself or on the hoop. So, the head is clear, no Evans logo, no serial number on the hoop, no nothing. I have old EMAD2 bought three years ago, everything is there. This new one looks like EMAD2, the box is right, i got both foam rings, clear patch,... The year of import on the box says 2013, so I'm wondering is it possible that head is new 360 model maybe from beginning of production? Did somebody seen or bought head like this? Anybody knows something about this? I doubt the had is fake, but I never seen Evans head without logo. Thanks in advance for answering.
Hey Savudin,

I've never seen one of our heads get out without a logo- this was certainly a packing error. However, there shouldn't be any issues with the performance of the head. I can tell you that it's not a Level 360 head though, as we started changing over to the Level 360 collar for 22" EMAD2 heads within the last couple months.

Is there a 5 digit code (typically two numerals, a letter, and two more numerals) on the box label?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
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