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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Name: Hans
Age: 25
Playing drums for about 7 years now
Name origen: i'm a psychiatrick male night nurse from belgium (flemisch side) and drum, soooo.... drumingnurse :D
Top 5 drummers: Animal (from the muppets), Ringo star, Josh Morgan, Matt Thomas and Joe Morello. And if i may say, many more! :) but thats my top 5 of drummer who inspired me to start or keep drumming.
Drum kit: Mapex V series and Ludwig black magic snare. Will buy a new kit when i stoped smoking afther 1 year (now at 2 months) and thinking about a signet 105 terrabeat of ludwig or gretsch renown maple.
Cymbals: Now paiste pst3, maybe in a few years goin to 2002's, sig's or zildjan K custom. Need to test some more :)
practise in the rehersel space of my band.
in a band?yes, just started a new one, Miss Hawaiian Tropic. We do our own numbers, maybe a ocasional cover in the furure. :)
music style: All style's, mainly rock and jazz if i'm playing :)
fav fooditalian :)
What countryBelgium baby :D Land of beer and frensch fries :D
odd thing: i work at a psychiatrick hospital, nuf said :p
how ya start druming: first played guitar in a band, and just picked up the sticks for funn, weard was that drumming came naturial to me .... like automatic, so i started goin on as a drummer and also allways loved dave ghrol in nirvana and most of all animal in the muppeds. :)

ps: sorry for the bad englisch, but at leased i'm trying :D
ps2: if ya have an opinion about my future drum choize, please tell (ludwig signet or gretsch renown).
ludwig .... what else? or is it nespresso :/
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