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Default Re: Tune Toms to Be Punchy but Short?

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
PFOG is on the money with his advice. Basically, if you want a short punchy note the best way to get there is to tune the resonant head quite tight and the batter head fairly loose. The two notes should compliment one another. For example, the reso head may be anywhere from a minor third to a fifth above the batter head. Maybe even more. It takes practice, though, to learn to hear all the overtones, separate out the fundamental pitch of the head, and get a fairly pure matched pitch at each lug.
Yes, this is exactly what to do. I don't want to blind you with science, but there's a balancing act between cutting down head sustain (what you call resonating), & cutting down shell resonance (that's the short big note you hear when you hit the drum). Tightening the reso head vs. the top head will shorten the head sustain, but do it too much, & the drum's resonance will be reduced in length, & that takes punch out of the sound. As other have said, experiment, & you can tighten that reso head higher than you think.
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