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Originally Posted by anotheruser View Post
I have some drum sticks which are beaters on the opposite side allowing me to quickly switch between them both, however I rarely do.

The beaters are quite hard so I am wondering if I got some dedicated "proper" beaters, they would sound better and produce a softer sound when striking? I'm not really in a position to get to a store to see the difference.

The stick/beaters are "Percussion Plus" branded.

I had a pair of the Dennis Chambers sticks Zildjian produced which were felt at one end, beater at the other. For me it felt weird because the beater interfered with where I held the stick. In terms of sound, the beater was quite small. I prefer to use mallets which are suited for purpose and sticks for playing.

An analogy I like is the combo washing machine and tumbledryer. Compromises have to be made in order to get it to function for both uses. But if you had a seperate washing machine and seperate tumbledryer, they would work better as they are fit for a specific purpose, if that makes sense?
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