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Default Re: Remo user trying Evans for the first time... Thoughts...

Originally Posted by cDark3r View Post
Objection! Do you have any proof for what you are saying? I know I can't take your personal preference away from you but do you have any audio displaying what you are complaining about? I feel like the only difference between a G2 and an Emperor is the tune-ability. I do not have a source for this so correct me if I'm wrong but I've heard that both Remo and Evans buys their plastic from the same supplier.
Challenge: Close your eyes and watch this video: Tell me what brand each example was without watching the video. Same with this :
trouble is, these studio comparisons are like tuning at home. It all sounds great till you get to the gig and you are in a larger room.

I reckon the comparison would be more valuable done on a larger tom and with more standard sticks with a bigger tip.

I agree that the Evans sounded best on the 1st video though
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