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Originally Posted by bradydrums View Post
I took a masterclass with Matt a few months ago. Really educational and enjoyable. Rather than feeling awed and a little overwhelmed, I left with practical advice and exercises on how to improve my playing.

Matt often does clinics and masterclasses in the afternoons before his shows while on tour. I highly recommend catching one. You can probably find his list of upcoming clinics at .
I went to one of these too.

I got a some new perspective and and I was really inspired seeing him up close and personal, I was literally sitting next to him. I feel like I picked up some of his technique by osmosis too. He is a great player but he was pretty relaxed and not a perfectionist and I really liked that for a change, he wasn't trying as hard to prove himself or elevate himself above the audience, he seemed more interested in teaching, and he's a real people person.
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