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Man this guy is good,

I just attended his drum clinic in Abbotsford BC. Having booked Cryptopsy as headliner for Armstrong Metalfest this year...

... I got in contact with Flo about doing a private lesson, which totally went awry when we got started in the Drum room, and a guitar teacher came barging in yelling at us for making so much noise when he's "trying to have a music lesson in the next room here" (you would think a music-lesson facility would have soundproof rooms wouldn't you?) but oh well, still got to talk drums with one of my idols, and got lots of great info.

plus just look how ridiculously fast this guy is, here's a playthrough of two-pound-torch from the end of the clinic:
tough to figure out the tempo exactly, but that is ridiculously fast.

here's most of the same info from the clinic, recorded with drumeo the night before, there's some great off-the-kit exercises that I'm starting on while I'm at the office, also a demo of some new roland products:

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