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Default Re: Building new kit from scratch (Yamaha based)

Thanks for all the replies. I ended up ordering the dtx562 kit for a few reasons.
1. Apparently midi is top notch. I use mostly external sounds.
2 the 700 and 900 series is due for an update so I'll wait until next gen yamaha before considering them
3 the 562 used much of the same gear from the higher end kits (some smaller pads though)
4 I can easily upgrade the snr to 10 or 12 inch at a later date and use the old snr as a low tom.
5 and of course this kit fit squarely in my price range.

The conversion stuff seems interesting but I do prefer to stick with things already tuned to that brain. Plus I don't mind the compact kit as space is a bit tight. I will consider all these other options after spending some time with the new kit. We have been using an old rented td-9 for quite some time. It sounds and plays terrible but it got the job done. Looking forward to new pads and a better hihat.
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