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Default Re: Graeme Edge

He's one of those drummers that I didn't realize I was so influenced by until I listened to some Moody Blues after starting to learn drums and had the realization.

My verbal vocabulary is not filled out enough to describe exacxtly what it is, but the words that come to mind are a "loose" or kind of "lazy" feel, with lots of space and ghost notes.

He's got so many identifiable cool accents, like the rim shot right before the flute solo in "Nights In White Satin," the hi hat barks he just hammers on "Lovely to See You," the aforementioned knocking on "Question," the fills on "Have You Heard."

In high school, I used to sit in the dark with incense burning and This is the Moody Blues on the headphones. It sounded like what you'd get if the Men of Gondor started a rock band, and it wound up in my musical DNA.
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