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Default Re: Stand Tilters???

Most of them have different mechanisms but they break down into those three categories pretty easily. Here's an explanation of the other two plus the two exceptions:

- A geared tilter is a typical low-end tilter which has lots of teeth on the two halves of the tilter that lock into each other. Because the teeth have to lock into each other (like a gear), there is a limit to how finely one can angle the tilter.

- An infinite tilter, like Tama or Yamaha's high-end ones (and Pearl's "uni-lock"), have no teeth and use a different method to lock their angle- as such, they have a much wider range of angles along the one axis of rotation.

The ball tilter is correct. Mapex's older stands, including that triple one, have a ball tilter for the cymbal arms and I guess something else for the tom arms (i'm not familiar with them). The two that don't fit in to the three categories are Mapex Falcon and Pearl Gyro-Lock, which both have a huge range of rotation on two axes.

Hopefully this helped. Feel free to ask for any clarification.
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