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Default Stand Tilters?

Stand Tilters???

Does someone have a clear and precise explanation of the different types of stand tilters for cymbal/drum stands?

Whilst browsing the different drum websites, there are so many names and variations and I am a little confused. In general, are there not just a few main types that all these other names fall under? I am familiar with the geared type tilter, a universal type tilter and a ball mounted tilter. Are these basically the main types? If so, can someone clearly define what makes a tilter one of these three? The ball mounted tilter is pretty straight forward, but the difference between a universal and a geared tilter is still unclear to me.

The below list contains various brands and various tilters described. Would appreciate it if someone could clarify and explain exactly what kind of tilters these actually are.

Tama Snare Stand

Tama HS70LOW has a "Quick-Set Tilter"

Tama Cymbal Stand

Tama HC74BWN has a "Boom/Straight convertible tilter" and a "Quick-set tilter"

Pearl Cymbal Stand:

Pearl BC-2030 has a "Gyro-Lock Wing Loc Reversible Cup Washer w/ O-Ring"

Pearl C-830 "Cymbal Tilter •Uni-Lock •Steel Washer •Wing Nut / Vinyl Tube Felt" (Assuming this means it's a universal tilter?)

Pearl Snare Stand

Pearl S-1030 has a "Gyro-Lock"

Axis Cymbal Stand:

[VCS-S] STRIAGHT [VCS-B] BOOM has a " ball bearing “PRECISION TILTER”"

Mapex Cymbal Stands

Falcon Boom Stand (BF1000) has "memory markings on the boom tilter and a Super-Glide stepless cymbal tilter with 360 degree rotation ability"

Triple Boom Cymbal Stand B995A has "•Universal ball-in-socket cymbal and tom arm tilters make positioning easy." (Both ball and universal tilters?)

330 Double Braced Boom Stand (B330) has "multi-step boom and cymbal tilters"

Mapex Snare Stand:

Mars Snare Stand Black Plated (S600EB) has "The Offset Multi-Step tilter "

DW Cymbal Stands

9700 Cymbal Stands has a " toothless tilter with Techlock"

DW Snare Stand:

DW 9330 just says "large basket tilter."

Yamaha Snare Stand

Yamaha SS850 has a "basket tilter" and the specs say "Tilter Normal".

Yamaha Cymbal Stands:

Yamaha CS-965 describes having a "Step Free Tilter" and a "Placing Type Boom Tlter Mechanism"

Yamaha CS755 says it has a "Center Tilter"

Yamaha CS650A has an "Offset Tilter"

Yamaha CS-BW describes having "infinite angle adjustable cymbal tilter"

Thank you.

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