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Default Great CL ad

Text copied below for posterity...


Are you ready to bang your head, get girls, and have the police called because the neighbors can't hear their phone ringing over the sound of your awesome beats???
Well...This drum set just might do the job. This baby is a Pearl "Forum Series" bought for the sole purpose of getting me girls. Unfortunately now that I got one, she is making get rid of it!!
It went from my living room to my garage and hopefully to your man cave.
I'm selling this beast for $450 or OBO!

(K-9 not included)


My first kit was a Pearl Forum back in high school. It worked for me too, my first girlfriend noticed me playing the kit at football games. Now I'm married and have 2 kits, and my wife doesn't want me to get rid of either of them. I'm glad I found the right woman. I may send a response to the guy in the ad advising him to keep his drums and keep looking!
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