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Originally Posted by Ekim View Post
I just took delivery of a set of his signature Sabian "Mad Hats". Very cool. Somehow, they're dark and loud. They sound great hit medium to hard, not so sure about softer playing though. I have to put them into the kit to really hear them.

But the top is heavy enough to do ride patterns on and still have it sound clear and pretty good. If I can get to playing the bell of the hats down, it should sound awesome for that pattern.

Now do I get his "Alien Disc" to complete the set?
Sorry to dig this old thread back up, but I had some Mad Hats and they were so heavy. The bottom seemed like it was twice the weight of a typical bottom hat. I wish I had them now though, I'd find a use for them. Anyone ever play one of his two ride models?

He was my first huge drumming influence. I started playing drums in the 5th grade, the year that Cult of Personality was on constant rotation on the radio and MTV. I remember buying Biscuits and just being blown away by his grooves, energy, and especially the way he crammed 6lbs of fills into a 3lb spot! He's the reason I first did HH accents while riding on the ride cymbal, and the first dude I heard mixing 16ths and triplets within the same fill for extra funkiness.
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