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Default Re: Remo user trying Evans for the first time... Thoughts...

I can definitely tell the difference. I have used Evans heads for years up until recently. The Evan's heads give you a much warmer tone in my opinion and they are well rounded but as stated in a previous post on some drums atleast with G2's you get a cardboard box sound. I have never seen that problem with G1's though. In my recent studies (results may vary) The evans heads sound great low and they sound great from low to high on the rack tom and sound good low to medium on floor toms. Whereas Remo's both rack and floor toms sound great form Medium to high. I think I have recently gravitated towards the Remo's because I tend to like a medium tuning. I haven't tried a Remo bass head yet. Also I have never found an Evans Batter head that I have loved on my personal snares, and I have tried several. However I have tried them on other peoples snares and I like them.

Side note: I find that Remo heads give me more rebound. I read earlier where someone said the exact opposite.

Me personally I love having options and I love trying out several different things. But what it all comes down to for me is that Every drum set that I have owned always sounded best with a specific head combination most of the time I haven't been able to use the same combination with the same results from kit to kit.

I give mad props to Evans for their quality and innovation, and I give Remo props for giving us that industry standard sound. (Also I feel like Remo has stepped up their game on QC)
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