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Default Re: Amy Winehouse one year later

sorry this is a lot to read. my mother was alcoholic so i know the terrain. louie anderson, the comedian, father was alcoholic. he put something in his book and i had said the same thing. when he got home from school and would come to the front door he said i knew if my father was drunk or sober before i turned the door knob. me too.
amy meets blake her husband to be. she had a song and it said you loved blow and i love puff. blake's is finally admitting he got her hooked on heroin. he says i got her hooked.. time after time she said no, finally yes. she liked pot. no more.
amy drank a lot! but she had quit for 3 weeks. the coroner said her tolerance went down and the usual amount killed her.
she had clothes laid out to wear to a wedding the next day and was looking forward to it.
i said many times that if she got straight and married Regg and have the only thing she wanted, a family. that i would take a bullet for her.
at glastonberry one year jay-z was taking the stage when amy yelled you suck jay-z. later he laughed and said i've really made it, amy told me i suck.
amy was a child of god just like many. i never faulted her for her weaknesses--i grew up with those weaknesses.
the worst thing i've ever seen was her being carried out of her house in a body bag on a stretcher. we had close to a thousand people join the forum in one day.
therapy for two months i would break down. i'm no different than anyone but i miss that girl. she wasn't just an alcoholic or junkie. i'm 60 and i've learned that there was a generous person and as deserving of love as much anyone.
ronnie wood talked to her a few times and during an interview kind of nodded like she won't make it. tony bennet knew that he was going to fly to london to talk to her again. it was too late.
i used to laugh at people going to Graceland every year. now i get it.
if anyone reads this novel, thanks. i have to write, it's what i do.
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