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Default Re: Top 10 Guitar Solos

I feel embarrassed that as a guitarist, I can't name (my) top 10 guitar solos off the top of my head. I'll try to mention a few that stick out to me - in no particular order though.

Van Halen's solo on Michael Jackson's - "Beat It". Simply an amazing hi-energy rock (if not metal) solo in a pop context. (Well the solo on "Jump" is superb, too.)

Megadeth - "Hangar 18" (solo by Marty Friedman) - I agree! Packed with nice melodies. I learned that one years ago but haven't been playing it for a long time.

More guitar hero stuff: Marty Friedman - all lead parts on "Forbidden City".
Jason Becker - "Altitudes".
Joe Satriani - e.g. his solos on "The Forgotten Part 2". One of those players who can 'speak' through his instrument. Amazing.
Ah yes - the main solo on "Black Magic" by Reb Beach (ex-Winger - wait, they're back again!). Amazing melodic tapping approach. I learned that instrumental. Took a while but was so much fun to play.

I like the melodic approach in many songs by Iron Maiden and Metallica, e.g.:
Iron Maiden - "Aces High" or "The Trooper".
Metallica - e.g. intro solo on "Sanitarium (Welcome Home". Main solo on "Creeping Death". Intro and main solo on "One".

Pink Floyd - "Another Brick In The Wall" (solo by David Gilmour) - I agree with Grea. Perfectly structured solo, superb melodies/licks and nice dynamic flow.

Deep Purple - "Smoke On The Water". Ritchie Blackmore's solo style reminds me of a violin at times. It was an honour to learn that solo recently, I need it for a cover band ;-)
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