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Default Re: Stick for small Jazz Combo

If you like the feel of a thicker/heavier stick, there are options out there. I don't particularly like the feel of thinner/lighter sticks, myself, but I'll use them on occasion. The important thing to consider is how much you want to "open up" a cymbal while you play it. Smaller-tipped sticks provide more articulation, regardless of the length/diameter/density of the stick. However, I AM of the opinion that you should have the facility to play at whatever dynamic level you choose with whatever stick you like. Different sticks just cater more towards specific sounds.

I subbed for yet another drummer at another church yesterday, and the music director gasped when I pulled out my sticks. "Those will be too loud! Don't you have some rods? Our regular drummer uses rods to keep the volume down." I just smiled and told her that I can play quiet enough. After the worship set, I was complimented on my ability to play dynamically, and was also told that the drums themselves sounded better than they ever have ("Did you retune them?"). That's what they sound like when played with sticks. Of course I didn't play with marching sticks, but I didn't have my AJ1s with me, either--just some 5A "10 pairs of sticks for $20" bargain bin specials.

Except for rare instances, it's more about HOW you play than WHAT you play.
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