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Originally Posted by EssKayKay View Post
Not to beat a dead horse here, but Yammy, you like the EvPa better than the Simmons DA200 or other similar drum monitors? The price for the ZLX12 is probably not the limiting factor as it appears to be in the ball park.

Thanks again.....
My local GC had a Simmons monitor set up to play through when I was looking to buy one got a chance to hear it not sure if it was the same one you speak of but it was no comparison to the ZLX in terms of sound. Plus the ZLX can be used a monitor also. It has the option of a few different settings and it's own EQ. I also use it when I practice on a live drum set to play to music at 1000 watts I don't even have to turn it all the way up to hear it over the live set. Really the only one that's sounds good at all volume levels IMO also.
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