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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by WhoIsTony? View Post
whats good cats?

in case you are not up on it I am here to urge you to go to iTunes right now and purchase the album Migration by Antonio Sanchez.

I am proclaiming it one of the greatest jazz albums in the last 35 years

if you want to sample it before buying it in it's entirety just but the song... "Did You Get It?"

so F'n burning ..... Antonio sounds like he is channelling a 20 year old Tony Williams .... ridiculous .... seriously .... I find myself yelling out loud in the car alone when that tune is playing

..... you are welcome in advance


ps. I miss dmacc
Just caught this Anthony... Thanks man...

You ain't kidding about Sanchez's Migration Band. He's the now and a big part (in my view) of the future hope of where all this will go.

Not the same lineup as the Migration album (which is monstrous as you point out), but it's some serious killing stuff....
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