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Default Re: Cordless Drill/Driver

I've had expensive cordless drills and inexpensive cordless drills. The inexpensive ones do just as good a job as the expensive ones, so it's Ryobi for me. I use an electric drill in my studio, because I have a surplus of them. I ONLY use it in reverse, and I always check the direction before depressing the trigger. Big time saver. A cordless would work fine. I don't bother with drills at gigs though.

On the odd chance I rip a bass drum head at a gig, I keep one of those clear plastic laminating sheets within reach for a quick repair, provided the rip isn't bigger than 8 x 11.

I just peel the backing off, and slap a plastic laminating sheet over the rip. It gets me through till break time. I had one actually last me 2 weeks before it ripped. Use 2 or 3 if you are a real heavy hitter or bury the beater.

If I rip a snare head, I'll use my spare snare. Toms I would wait till break, but I don't think I ever broke a tom head, ever. I break bass drum heads more than snare heads. Odd.
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