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Default Re: Cordless Drill/Driver

Originally Posted by JimFiore View Post
Is anyone using a cordless screwdriver or drill with a lug bit to speed up head changes? I am curious whether it is as quick a solution as it is made out to be. Also, any recommendations on the driver? I'd think a regular drill would be overkill and pretty bulky as we'll, but I'm a little leery of those little cordless screwdrivers.

I do and I love it. I went to Home Depot and picked up a small-ish Black & Decker cordless drill (it's meant for around the house work, so it's not really heavy on the torque) for about $30, outfitted it with those Evans bits and it's been a handy tool to have. Of course, I only use it to remove rods and install them, I never let it actually torque down for tension. I still do that with a drum key. But just having the one has sped up head changing so much. I would avoid a big drill because of that torque/speed issue. I don't think the tension rod inserts are designed to take really high speeds, so I stayed small and slower. It's still a better option than doing it by hand.

I was debating getting two of the handheld cordless screwdriver type (instead of the gun-shaped drill) because that would make things even faster by using both hands.

I wouldn't be leery of the little cordless machines. For this purpose they're great. But like any cordless device, to maintain a good battery life, just charge it up, and use it until it dies. Then charge it up again. I don't care what anyone says about new battery technology that has no 'memory effect' - they all still do! I work with cordless handtools everyday and when things are left in their chargers, over time their lifespan just gets shorter and shorter!
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