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Originally Posted by LordQuas
He's got the technique. He has practised his drumming a lot and now he can earn the fame for it. Many Slipknot fans are ignorant towards other music and I must say I like Slipknot very much and the main credit they get is for their show. See Slipknot as a whole thing and not the musicians for themselves.
I like Joey, but he is not the best drummer (as I said many times before.....). To me, he is as good as Ahmir Thompson or Chris Pennie. They are all good musicians and great Producers.

Edit: @ largo61: You don't need a great kit to be good, but it gives a good drummer a lot of opportunity's, doesn't it??!
What I ment with that is he is using his large set to play a bunch of crowd pleasers. First of all the crowd is amazed at his set. Half the people I hear that says he is great talk at length about how his drumset looks great (which it does). The other half talk about how fast he is on toms. If he scaled down his set he couldn't use the crowd pleasers to such an insane degree. He would be known as a drummer with good funimentals and a decent jazz background. Not the greatest thing to happen to drums( Many slipknot fans think so). This is not however limited to Slipnkot fans. I hear the same with Blink 182 fans(Travis Barker) and Green Day fans (Tre Cool). These are just decent drummers that are concidered great because of their bands emence success.
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