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I live in a small town with no music store to speak of – surely no eDrumming. So, without being able to actually “sample” some amps, I really didn’t know what to expect in my budget – for that matter I didn’t even know what my budget was/is.

My total TD-11KV setup cost around $2K. It just seems weird that you’d have to spend half that just on a relatively decent sound system that will never be used outside my basement. I’m not questioning anyone here as your expertise much surpasses anything I have. But to me, the KA1 sounds pretty close to my transistor radio. I suspect the Simmons DA50 is very similar (i.e., disappointing). Now I don’t know anything about the higher end KA2 or DA200 but based on my experience, I suspect I too would not be very unimpressed. Maybe I’m just too picayune, particularly after comparing to my ATH M50’s.

Thanks again guys,
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