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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

In the 1950's into the 60's a lot of places in Chicago had lunchtime groups with grand piano, acoustic upright bass, and a drummer playing a snare and hihat. As a young drummer I always wondered what was going through the drummer's head...did he wish he had more stuff to play on etc.

Last night I finally got the chance to try it myself....piano, female vocalist and self on just
a 3.5" x 14" maple snare and hihat at a country club gig. Had a blast (not to mention I could
carry my gear in in one trip easily). Not once during the evening did I wish I had something else. (Ok, had a cowbell with me and a grippy rubber pad where I could set it on the edge of
the snare if absolutely necessary...but didn't need it.) With hands, several types of brushes, sticks and tympani beaters I could get everything I wanted.

It would be fun to do this again!
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