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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Originally Posted by ncc View Post
Very nice kit Bradley. Ive been toying with the idea if a bop kit. I is good to see positive feedback. Same on the pedal. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on it.
Cheers. Yeah, it's an adjustment playing a smaller kick, if you want the "Jazzy", open sound of an unmuffled little kick: because of the beater rebounding of the head. But you can dampen it with stuff inside and rely on miking to get a tight, punchy sound too.

As for the Jo Jo pedal: there is a flaw. The section where you attach the pedal to the bass drum (or bass drum riser) has to be absolutely level with the floor/stage. If not, one of the rubber pieces that connects the pedal to the rim will wear out and then the pedal will dismount itself from the hoop every few seconds...not. cool.
I fixed mine by adding a piece of double-sided tape to the rubber that had worn out on the left side and make sure to mount the pedal where the hoop sits flush with the floor/stage. I've not had that issue again since taking those steps.

It is an unbelievably good pedal though. It really does feel like there is nothing under your foot, like you are finally one with your pedal. b-e-a-utiful :)
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