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Default Re: Aquarian Performance 2s

Originally Posted by brady View Post
I believe the Performance 2 would be a bit to much muffling for a 10" tom. It would sound about like the box that it came in.

I have had a similar experience with the Performance 2. I have a 10" with a G1 and a 12" with a Performance 2 side by side for an informal test. The 10" really "sings" with the single ply G1 but the 12" sounds choked at ANY tuning except "just above wrinkle". At the loose tuning it doesn't sound "bad" I just don't care for it.

NOW to be fair-Aquarian describes the Performance 2 head for EXACTLY that low and loose type of tuning so it sounds like it's supposed to apparently.

I really wanted to try a Response 2 but they were out of them that day and I went with the Performance 2 just to try it.
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