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Default Re: Stick for small Jazz Combo

Originally Posted by Drumolator View Post
Play more softly with the sticks you like.

Peace and goodwill.
Yeah, I've gotta agree with this. I spent a long time (too long, in the end) so wrapped up in the idea that smaller = quieter and I ended up playing with sticks that were just too small to feel comfortable in my hand. Which had a negative effect on my playing and comfort.

What I've found is if you can dial in the size and feel of stick that really fits your hand and playing style it opens up what you're capable of doing technically.

I've gravitated to playing maple sticks, which allow for a much bigger stick (that fits in my hand well) but isn't too heavy so I get the weight of a smaller stick. For Jazz (and most everything else, really) I play an SD9, but even an SD1 works for me on a lot more than just playing concert snare drum.

For a while I thought it was just the difference in weight that maple afforded, but after recently trying some hickory sticks again I've found that just having the right size for my hands allowed me so much more control that playing dynamically isn't a problem no matter what the stick is made out of.
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