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Default Re: Head selection help?

Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
A jazz drummer might use single ply coated heads and tweak them up high but generally I don't think there's any difference between the heads used by a latin, rock, country or funk drummer, it's more about the tuning and recording techniques.

I don't love ec2's either. I tried the g12's recently and I couldn't wait to replace them.

Just try some g2's or emperors, they will get that slappy attack sound you are prob hearing from Chris Coleman. Would help if you posted the video you had in mind.
Here are two vids of the sound I love. The first is more of an open sound from what I'm hearing, so most likely what will be achieved for live unmiced gigs.
And this 2nd one just really captures the tonality of the drums, in my perspective at least.
Hope that helps you guys out?
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