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Default Re: Pros & Cons to In Ear Monitors?

Originally Posted by SbrickwallS View Post
I am preparing myself to invest in a good in ear system, as they will benefit me when I play in my cover band where we are the only band and I can take my time setting up before the show.

But I'm also thinking along the lines of eclipseownzu where my other projects I play in we typically share the stage with one, sometimes two other acts and we usually only have 20 minutes or so to tear down the first bands kit and set up/mic the second kit before we start playing. Won't leave any time for the in ear tweaks?

I sure do want to try them though.
I use 2 different systems for that. When we play out regular gigs with our PA, I use a wireless IEM system that's permanently wired into our rack with the mixer. When we play one-off gigs with other acts, I use a RockBox from RockOn Audio (the older one, I'm thinking about upgrading to the Tasty Blender). The RockBox lets you take either a line-in input or a speaker-level input, so if the sound guy doesn't have time to set up a separate Aux send for you, you just plug a short speaker cable into the existing monitor and you've got your in-ears.
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