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Default Re: Ludwig atlas mount for bass drum

After lurking forever, this issue got me signed up.

The use of 2 mounts is ideal but has one drawback. It will require folding the cymbal arm or trying to force the rod out of both mounts for travel. See below.

So after about 4 months of steady gigs, this happened. Thankfully at home.

A MAJOR design defect if you ask me. But I was stuck. So what do I do? Do I go back to DW dogbones? I ordered a replacement asap for the upcoming gig and decide to do this

Now I don't have to loosen the clamp. I just take the rod out of the mount. One concession I made to the weight issue was to relieve my 21HHX dry ride of duty and put a much lighter 20 V ride. It does cause to mount to torque off to the side a tiny bit but after 20 gigs this way, no problems.

The lack of memory locks for the lifts and aerodyne tilters is huge oversight IMO

A lot of stress on very little metal.

But I still love em. I've dropped 2 DW9700 stands from my hardware bag. Winning!

In all it's glory. Five mounts, two lifts, four rods, and one short tilter. Nice and tidy.
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