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Default Re: Pros & Cons to In Ear Monitors?

I want to know what gigs you guys are playing that you have the ability to use in-ears. I play a couple of shows a month in two different bands and there is no way in hell I have the time to set up my own mixer and deal with the set up time for my entire kit as well as a personal monitoring system. Half of the time we get a 1 minute soundcheck and off we go. I can understand that Bermuda plays headlining shows in large venues with techs doing much of the set up, but for the guys playing local bars and clubs, using anything but the venue supplied equipment is almost impossible. 15 minutes is the usual allotted time between bands, meaning I get 7 1/2 of that to get my shit ready to play. Not bitching. I am just wondering where you guys are playing that is so much different.
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