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Default Re: Head selection help?

Originally Posted by Powerpito View Post
Hey, guys! I'm new here so I'm still figuring out how this site works, but I have a few questions. First off, do you guys have any tips on drumheads that sound great for live unmiced venues? For my toms, I'm looking for a Chris Coleman sound. I love the clarity and tone that comes from his drums; Now, I'm not completely sure how much his drums are EQ'd for his youtube videos, so I'm not sure if it's possible to achieve without EQ. The kit I have right now is a OCDP Venice, which I'm not too fond off so I'm thinking about trading it in and buying a Mapex Meridian Maple. Any ways, hope this post isn't too long, and I hope you guys can help me out! Thanks.
For live unmiced gigs, single ply heads project into the room and sustain better.

2 play heads are a better choice if you are a big hitter. The durability they offer over 1 ply is significant in that case. 2 ply heads generally have a higher ratio of stick attack to sustain than 1 ply.

Coated heads are generally warmer sounding than their clear counterparts

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