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Default Legless Hi Hat stand

Recently I added a pedal mounted cowbell to my kit. The problem with this, was that my 3 legged hi-hat stand really got in the way of having a slave pedal, hi-hat pedal, and a cowbell pedal.

I was considering buying one of those overly-fancy 2 legged Iron Cobra hi-hat stands to accommodate, but then I realized I actually had a solution at my fingertips.
I have a 3-sided rack, and normally one could just attach the hi-hat to that, but then for me it would cause all sorts of issues with cymbal placement, as my rack would then be far too close to me.

Instead, I took the base tripod of one of my unused cymbal stands, and jerry-rigged an attachment made of 2 tambourine mounts to give my now close-legged hi-hat stand stability.

I plan on buying another one of the attachments seen on the left (attached to the tripod), and then placing my other tambourine clamp back on the hi-hat, since my tambourine is now homeless.

All in all, I will have spent about $25 to solve this problem, rather than the frankly ridiculous $240 for a new hi-hat stand. This has no doubt been done before, but what the hey, figure I'd throw it out there for anyone else who may have had the same problem, and hadn't thought of a solution.
As far as stability is concerned, it feels surprisingly good. There's very little, if any noticeable wobble to the stand. I definitely plan on keeping my stand this way.
I also apologize for the not-good cellphone-quality pics, but my iPod touch was all I had handy at the moment.
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