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Default Re: Remo user trying Evans for the first time... Thoughts...

Originally Posted by Scottie15 View Post
I used Evans heads for a long time (G1s, G2s, EC2s, EMADs, and everything in between) and recently switched back to Remo. Although I do think Remo heads are a tad less durable, they tend to sing much more and sound much livelier than Evans heads. Now, I don't know if that's just an immediacy effect of playing Evans for so long, even though I originally played Remo heads for the first few years of drumming. But in my opinion, Emperors will sing much more than G2s, Coated Ambassadors will have more tone than coated G1s, etc. I do, however, love Evans EMADs BD heads much more than what Remo offers for bass drums.
I totally agree with these statements. However, I must admit I have never tried Evans EMADS BD heads, so I can't compare there. That might be my next purchase for my practice kit and see how it goes.
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