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Default Re: Remote user trying Evans for the first time... Thoughts...

Originally Posted by EvansSpecialist View Post
Unfortunately, this test didn't include a G1 or G12, which would be the responsive, open/resonant snare sound that you seem to prefer.
Ahh, thanks. I have a 200 on the snare side on my DW snare at the moment. I noticed a lot of people talking about 300's, which Im assuming are a bit thicker and might be more appropriate for rock?

I just put a new ambassador on it batter side and I must say, Id forgotten how much of a bitch they are to seat. It seems you have to crack the glue ring, take them up to a higher pitch than Geddy Lee and then bring them back down to almost finger tight before you can even start to tune them up.

G1 on my Yammie snare next I think. See how that does. Thanks for the tip.
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