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Default Re: BD: Clear or coated with or without front logo?

Originally Posted by TColumbia37 View Post
Apparently not too severly ;)

But on one kit, I have the stock Yamaha logo PS3 with a KickPort, and on my other kit, I have a smooth white PS3 with a KickPort. I originally went in looking for an EQ3, but they were out of stock, so I picked up the PS3 and removed the logo. And I actually really love the look of the smooth white PS3. You can see the outer ring through the initial ply and it gives a really cool look.
Don't get me even started on the stands, angles and even pedals! :D

I originally wanted a clear resonant with inner ring, but it was more expensive so I went with G1s. To my dismay, even Evans raised prices recently.
I remember seeing Nick Menza's Pearl Masters with that kind of heads and at the time it looked nothing special, but as time gone by...
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