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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!Greetings from Aus.

Originally Posted by chop2rok View Post
Hello fellow drummers,my name is Mark and I am from Sydney Australia,been playing for roughly 10 years on and off,my first major influence was Stewart Copeland(The Police)some other influences include: Dave Weckl,Steve Gadd,Simon Phillips,Jeff Porcaro,Alex Van Halen and Steve Smith to name a few,I currently play in a rock covers band and my weapon of choice at the moment is a drumcraft series 8 acrylic 5 piece with Sabian Dave Weckl signature series HHX Evolutions and a gibraltar rack with pearl cymbal /Hihat stands and a pearl eliminator demon drive bass drum pedal,love this set up,currently using remo pinstripes/ambassadors on toms and kick drum and a clear black dot on the snare,great to have joined this forum,looking forward to being a part of it.This is a link to a short video of my band live complete with stuff ups,hope you enjoy. password is: cry
Welcome to the forum. I tried the link but it says the the video is private.
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